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thisweekinblack's Journal

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This Week in Blackness
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This is the Official Livejournal Community for "This Week in Blackness" Hosted by Elon James White.

TWiB! - The Facebook Group

This Week in Blackness is a web series hosted by comedian Elon James White that takes a satirical look at black life in America.

This Week in Blackness - The Livejournal Community is a space for discussion of anything that pertains to race. TWiB wants to create a space for discussion of said topics thats not only informative but also entertaining. We will have questions that we ask of the community that will directly effect This Week in Blackness the SHOW. So come on down and have a fun ol' time.

And there might be cookies.

NOTE: We did not make the current animated icon. We think its spectacular, but we didnt make it. That was done by eyetosky
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