August 9th, 2010



Greetings, y'all.

Welcome to the "This Week in Blackness" LJ community, hosted by the one, the only elon_james. Name's treize64, and I'll be serving as your friendly neighborhood community moderator this evening (and for many evenings to follow).

A few ground rules to help us all keep it 100.

If the National Conversation on Race were instead a battlefield, this would be a frontline. Here you'll find (regular) episodes of TWIB! as well as related articles, musings, and funnies regarding the state of racial affairs. As such, try to keep posts at least tangentially related to the racial discussion. Insight and thoughtfulness is also appreciated, but I am keeping in mind that these are the internets and intelligent comments have a surprisingly short half-life here.

That said, my policy regarding hate is that it's like hot sauce. When applied in judicious amounts, it can make almost any topic digestible (re: RNC, BP, Goldman Sachs, BET, you name it), but when applied liberally, it can ruin a meal.

Diversity of opinion is welcome; in fact, it is encouraged.

But it's like the philosopher Nietzsche said, "Be careful when you fight ign'ance, lest you become ign'ant." Or something like that.